Can't get my guitar on Audacity

Just got a Behringer UMC22, low cost audio interface but from youtube looks like it works quite well.

The mic input works and records on Audacity bit I can’t get anything from the guitar. I’m new to Audacity and can’t find anything on the internet to help.

The mic can be heard through the UMC22 as can other audio from the pc but the guitar only works when direct is set on the UMC22, ie it gets to the UMC22 at least.

I assume this is my inexperience with Audacity rather than a fault with the UMC22.

Any ideas???

Well… That’s weird…

Are you getting stereo? Presumably with the mic on left (top waveform) and a flat line on the right (bottom waveform)?

If you’re using a laptop scratch the microphone grill with your fingernail to make sure you’re picking-up the mic plugged into the interface and not the mic built into your laptop.

Yes, I’ve been tapping the mic and its definitley via the UMC22.

The waveforms on stereo are the both the same just the mic.

Cheers doug

I’m using a desktop and the mic isn’t plugged in. Its only the mic on the UMC22.

The waveform on stereo is the same on both and its the mic.

Cheers Doug

Found it, I had to select 2 channels in Windows microphone properties.

5 hours looking for 1 click.

Works great now

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