Can't get it going

I’m trying to set up 2.1.2 on my new Win10home. I have it installed, Lame and ffmpeg located.
I thought I was getting close, but every time I touch the play or record button, I get an error message.
I’m kinda stuck. And sure would be grateful for a nudge in the right direction.
sound device error.jpg

That line that says MME? There’s too many blanks in it. Audacity can’t find a place to record from or play to. I’m out of my world. I’m not a Windows elf. We should wait for one of them.


Did you install Windows 10 over previous Windows on the same machine? If so you need to go to your computer manufacturer’s web site to look for Windows 10 drivers for your specific computer model. This may be why you have no recording devices.

Also you have selected Display Audio as your playback device. That device is only usable if you have speakers connected to your computer monitor.

To update drivers, read this link carefully: .

Once you have correct drivers, go to Windows Sound to show and enable all playback and recording devices then restart Audacity.