Can't get guitars to record

I’m very very new with Audacity.
I was able to record last evening, export it and listen just to judge sound quality. Today, nothing. Only record external mic.

I have windows 10, playing into a digitech rp255, using the USB into my computer.
I’m sure I have it set up wrong.
I would greatly appreciate any help. I can’t figure out what I did different yesterday to today.

Connect the USB device before you launch Audacity, then select the USB option as the recording input in the device toolbar.

Did that. Still nothing.

Only,thing I can get to work is the mic to pick up input, and that sounds awful

It’s worked twice. Failed every other time. It’s there in the drop down, I’ve followed the instructions above. I was kinda hoping this would been a bit more plug and play.

You mean in the device toolbar?
What is selected as “host”?

If you select MME as host and the USB device as the recording input in the device toolbar, what happens when you try to record?

The pedal has a place to plug headphones. Do they work? Is the pedal actually making sound?

There is a USB software driver and a thing called X-Edit Librarian software that can control the volume and mix of the music. I don’t know what that is, but it seems you might be able to misadjust those and fade the sound completely off by accident.

What is the microphone and where is it plugged in?

The pedal is discontinued. Does it say anywhere the software works under Windows 10? Win10 is not a straight Windows upgrade. It’s all new and software has to be written for it and it has to say so.