Can't get files to upload from online doccument

I’m currently trying to listen to a voice recorded audio from my professor. I’ve downloaded both versions of the new audacity 2.0.3 version. I also downloaded the FFmpeg_vo.6.2_for _audacity_on_windows.exe. When I try to download the file I get the message DID NOT RECOGNIZE FILE- TRY IMPORTING USING “IMPORT RAW” IF IT IS UNCOMPRESSED. The file is compressed. It continues onto another pop up that states COULD NOT FIND THE PROJECT DATA FOLDER; COULD NOT LOAD FILE.
Here’s a kicker, when I go into the folders of the data I’m trying to play It allows me to open up individual components of the file. I can’t get them to combine and play the way my instructor informed me they should play. I cannot record my data and submit for grading because I can’t get pass this point. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled at least 4 times. I’ve tried to open the file over 40. I’ve watch tutorials of what should happen but it is NOT happening for me. :astonished:

Windows 7(laptop) & windows xp(desktop). I tried it on my laptop and desktop.

You should ask your tutor for step-by-step instructions if you are in a hurry. Phone him or her. We can only give you a few pointers.

Do you mean you recorded this audio into Audacity? Or did you record it on a portable recorder to an audio file like a WAV or MP3, and you have already imported that file into Audacity and saved an AUP Audacity project for it?

If it says it cannot find the _data folder, then you are opening an AUP project file.

To open an AUP, use File > Open, not File > Import > Audio. Before opening it, put the _data folder for the project in the same folder where the AUP file is. See here .

Please leave those small AU files alone and File > Open the AUP file. If you look in File > Recent Files the AUP may be listed there. But the _data folder must be in the same folder as the AUP file, as noted above.