Can't Get ffmpeg and Lame recognised by Audacity

I have Audacity 2.0.5
On Windows 7.

I want to take the echo out of a video clip I got from youtube - it is mp4.

When I take the audio out with Yamb I get an aac file which Audacity says it cannot load.

Googling around I find I can install that ability so I do it.

I now have Lame in the programfileslame for audacity folder and the .dll it uses right there.
I have ffmpeg for audacity in the correct folder for it, with the required .dll

Audacity sees them there when I go to edit/preferences/libraries - or shows the path in the field though it says ‘ffmpeg library not found’.

I can browse for the files and find them and click ‘open’ but it does no good.

I’ve looked around a lot and can’t find any help for it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Or… if that’s too hard… if anyone knows another way I could do the job that’d be fine. Remember I just want to remove the ‘hall acoustics’ echo type sound from a speaker’s voice on this video clip. You can’t understand him.

Perhaps there’s some little utility somewhere that does just that.

I’ve downloaded this nyquist noisegate thing but of course I can’t use it while I can’t get the file in there.

If you downloaded FFmpeg 2.2.2 from the link on, that version of FFmpeg requires Audacity 2.0.6. If that’s the problem, then the best solution is to upgrade to the latest 2.0.6 from

If you get the correct version of FFmpeg installed then you can just drag the video file into Audacity and it will extract the audio for you.

Noise Gate will only act usefully on the gaps between the voice. There is no easy answer to removing reverb within the voice. Commercial effects that do it are usually $100 plus.

Sometimes you can use Noise Removal to make reverb less objectionable, by taking some reverb after the voice as the Noise Profile. You can only reduce the noise so far before it audibly degrades the audio, but it might help with echo within the voice.


I’ll try the upgrade. Not sure where I got it from. Might as well have the latest anyway.

How about I send you the aac file and you see what you think is the best way to treat it?

I just snatched the time and downloaded/installed latest audacity and it’s picked up the file okay. that fixed it. i won’t have time now to do any more until tonight. thanks for your help.