Can't get Audacity to work on a windows laptop, works fine on my PC

Latest version of Audacity works fine on my PC. Does not properly pick up sound on a new laptop. Has Windows 11. Pretty sure all settings are the same on PC and laptop. Even went back and bought a better laptop, assuning the problem was the graphics/sound card. Checked with Tech guy in store to be sure system would be sufficient. Any help appreciated. I’m losing my mind. Mic is recognized in devices and stereo is selected. Barely records voice. Instrument not at all.

On a new computer, check to be sure that Audacity has microphone permissions: Windows camera, microphone, and privacy - Microsoft Support

Check to be sure that Windows Enhancements are turned OFF: Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

And be sure you are recording from the correct microphone. Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, Audio Setup > Recording Device. Lightly scratch the surface of the microphone to be sure you are recording from the correct one.

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