Can't get Audacity to run[SOLVED]

I’m not sure what’s up this time. I’ve never had any issue installing and running Audacity before. There is no indication of any error in the install. When I try to run the program an error box comes up stating that: “This application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.”

I have tried multiple reinstalls - sometimes telling it to reset preferences, sometimes not. I have tried older versions of Audacity (the last 3 versions to be precise) which have worked before but now fail with the same issue. This is a fresh install of WinXP SP3 fully updated. I am trying to load Audacity 2.0.3. Running on an HP dc7600 with an ASI 4200 audio card installed. I am stuck on XP due to the audio card not being supported in newer versions of the OS. I have tried compatibility mode for WIn 2000 as well with no change.

Any help is appreciated.


This may happen with a freshly installed OS. You just need to read this FAQ: .


Thanks very much. I knew it had to be something simple that I was overlooking. Installed the C runtime and off to the races.