Cant get Audacity to pick up audio recording from Focusrite 3rd Gen Mono interface


I’ve read all of the tutorials and made every possible adjustment to get Audacity to pick up audio that I’m attempting to record through Focusrite 3rd Gen Mono interface. Initially when I first downloaded the 2.3.3 version, it recorded just fine. One day I sat down to do some recording and it just stopped working. Can you help me troubleshoot what the problem may be? I even uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity 2.3.3. My microphone is working and I can see on the interface that my voice is registering, as the red light is on and green flashes as I’m speaking. No wavy lines are shown on Audacity, just a straight line which indicates there’s no sound. Please help! It has been several weeks and I haven’t been able to do any recording. Thank you.