cant get audacity set up so it records

I have audacity 2.0.3, Mac 10.7.5, using an older ion profile LP. Note that the ion software EZ vinyl converter works great. The audacity settings default to core audio, built in output, built in input and stereo for input channel. It didnt work at all, but when I changed to mono for input channel, I suddenly heard it but only for a few seconds, then it went silent, and then every few seconds played those few seconds that recorded, even though the turntable arm was continuing on. On “stereo” I heard only a high pitched screech through audacity even though I could faintly hear the actual music off the turntable. I have searched for hours on the internet but can’t see anything that helps. Is this enough? suggestions?

I have audacity 2.0.3, Mac 10.7.5

But what kind of computer is it? Mac’s went between Motorola and Intel chips and right around then was when they stopped supporting the older chipsets.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.

Is your USB Turntable listed in that panel – or some other USB device that could be your turntable? If you play a record, does the blue ball sound meter jump and keep up with the music? It doesn’t have to sound like anything (other than the really tiny sound of the needle), just the meter for now.


Thanks for paying attention to this problem, I’ll do my best to answer.
Intel core 2 duo.
When I’m playing/recording with EZ vinyl converter, the hardware>sound>input defaulted to line in- Audio line-in port. The USB divice listed but not highlighted is USB Audio CODEC- USB. The setting for the selected device section right below has an input level, I’m thinking that’s what you mean by the blue meter. With line in, there is no movement. If I switch it to USB Audio CODEC, I start to see the movement/jumping with the music. Interestingly, the EZ vinyl meter that has been jumping while recording didn’t change one way or the other when I switched from inline to CODEC.
Is this making sense to you?

We don’t have anything to do with EZ vinyl converter and cannot answer questions about it.

If you have a USB turntable and intend to record what it sends over USB, then the Line-in is not relevant.

Assuming you want to record the USB audio with Audacity, try these links: .

Once the Mac recognises the USB Audio CODEC, start or restart Audacity then choose USB Audio CODEC for input and Built in audio for output.