Can't find the pipe + Progress pop-up disables mod-script-pipe stop command

Unfortunately in 3.0 a progress pop up appears while Audacity is called with: “PlayLooped:” and makes it impossible to stop with: “Stop:”.

What do we do?

Has anything else been changed in the script-mod-pipe?
I’m getting a bug report: “Something seems to have changed in the in out pipe files from audacity 3.0 (at least on windows), unable to find the pipe now.”

(Windows, Audacity 3.0)

Oh dear, that’s unfortunate.
It also applies to “Play”.

Not a problem for a non-interactive script, but very problematic for an interactive one. I don’t see a way round this. I’ll ask the developer (James) about it.

Probably. I know that some of James’s scripts have broken due to changes, but I’m not sure what. Possibly some differences in how selections work.

See: Caveats and warnings
In particular:

Details of the available scripting commands may well change between versions of Audacity.

In other words, scripting is still under active development, the API is not yet frozen as is subject to change.

The good side of it not yet being frozen is that we can fix things that don’t work well.
The down side is that scripts may break after updates.

This is now logged on the Audacity bug tracker. (Bug 2701)

As it’s a regression, we also plan to clear it fast.
Our current plans are for 3.0.1 by 17th April (if everything works out!) and fixing some of the top recent bugs. will be amongst them, and should be available from GitHub Actions well before actual release.

Thanks James.

The inability to even find the pipe in 3.0(on Windows), is that something you’re able to reproduce too?

PlayLooped now fixed in development and bug updated.

Builds available from GitHub actions.

I have (and had) no problem finding the pipe in 3.0.0. Do check that with 3.0.0 you have enabled mod-script-pipe and restarted Audacity.

Thank you.

Builds available from GitHub actions.

Where can I find them?

Ah, ok.