Can't find the audio i/0 tab in preference for recording dev

I have windows 7, just installed exe installer. have not been able to get my record player to record on my computer. instructions say to go to recording deice list in the audio I/0 tab of preference to see if the usb audio codec in recognized. I don’t have this in preferences

You’re reading the 1.2 manual. You should have gotten the 2.0 manual with your installation - try Help > Manual (in web browser).

Or try

Check the device toolbar for the USB device:

– Bill

Thanks so much for your advise, still learning the system, :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to be such a basic thing but I can not get my L track to increase volume or the R to decrease. L is on 0 and
R is clipping! I am stumped!! :frowning:
I have a Grace digital audio turn table with a usb connection. I am copying 33 LPs. The turn table does not have sound adjustments.
My PC is Windows XP professional, 2002, Audacity 2.0

Settings are Playback-"Realtek AC97 Audio, record- USB Audio Codec, Channel 2 Stereo

The mixer tool bar does not function. the input signal level is -6.0 db
Have adjusted operating systems mixer, still no change.
Adjusted track control panel, recording level control, volume on systems sound panel,
I burned a CD and as expected the one stereo track was very faint.
If I use the zoom tool the track level changes but does not effect the outcome.
I sure would appreciate your help, I have spent hours reading all the information available but still stumped.

That looks to be correct.

That is normal for USB devices as the recording gain for USB devices is not usually controllable by software.

This is the most likely area to be looking to solve the problem.

Can you give some clarification on the following points:

  1. “L is on 0 and R is clipping!”
  2. “the input signal level is -6.0 db”

That looks like a contradiction. Could you describe those points in more detail.

Sorry for the confusion, still trying to learn this system, I have searched both Tips and tutorials but still don’t get it.

The in and out meter preferences is set at 30. it shows -24 under the meter while recording.
The R track is clipping very badly and the L track is only maxing at about .2 ( this is what I meant about L on 0)

Thanks, Reta

Sorry Reta, I’m still not sure what you mean.
Could you make a screenshot (picture) of Audacity to show what you mean. If you look in the Audacity Help menu there is a “Screenshot Tool”. Instructions for the Screenshot Tools are here: (see also the information in the blue box on that page for alternative ways to make a screenshot in case the Audacity Screenshot Tool cannot capture the thing that you are talking about)

Thanks so much for your help.
I have come to the conclusion that the problem is my USB turntable.
[ When I transfer my cassette tapes, the tracks are balanced and very little clipping. I am returning my Grace digital audio machine and will be looking for a different turntable.
Do you have any suggestions on what to look for to get good quality USB transfers. Anything to avoid?

Thanks again,

If you already have a conventional (non-USB) turntable it would certainly be worth considering getting a USB pre-amp and using your existing turntable. Several users have expressed great satisfaction with getting their old treasured turntable serviced and then buying a USB phono pre-amp.

Awesome, we do have a good quality turn table so will take your advise,

Thanks, Reta

I’m one of the users that Steve was referring to - I started with an ION iTTUSB but junked it as although the electronics were fine the platter was so lightweight I got lots of wow&flutter (speed variations).

I serviced my old Technics TT and bought a preamp and an external USB soundcard (as the soundcard in my PC is average at best).

I bought the ARTcessories DJ-Pre11 pre-amp:

and an Edirol UA-1EX USB sound card (no longer manufactured).

If I was buying today I would probably get the integrated device that ART makes - the USB Phono Plus:
Its basically the same preamp as the DJ-Pre11 but with an integrated USB soundcard bundled in.


I got rid of my Grace digital usb turntable and took your advise and got the ART USB phono plus hook up to my old turntable. What a difference, so far my recording tracks are balanced and the clipping is no longer a problem.
thanks so much Steve. :slight_smile: