can't find "Stereo Mix" in the drop down list

Hello, I need your help. The audacity I downloaded doesn’t have the “stereo mix” in the drop down list as shown in the tutorial. There are horizonal stereo and vertical stereo.

I am using a laptop Vista. I can record a video clip but the sounds come out are different from the original. I have tried all the advices posted, but still can’t make it work. Please help me. Thanks a lot.


If using 1.2 see this sticky thread:

Or if you are using 1.3 see:

In future please try posting in the section of the forum relevant to your particular operating system and version of Audacity - it makes life a bit easier for those trying to help you :slight_smile:


Hello WC, thanks very much for your info. After reading the above link about Vista, I am hopeless in making it work because MS has deliberately remove the function of recording the sounds of video clips.

My advice to other people is DON’T BUY COMPUTER RUN BY VISTA, IT SUCKS. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: