Can't find project data folder

I’m using version 2.0.3 and am trying to open a file and I am getting the message: Couldn’t find the data project folder. The folder and the .aup file are sitting next to each other in the same folder. All of the data is there so I don’t know why it will not open. These files were moved to an external drive then moved back. I don’t know if that could have affected anything. When they were moved everything was moved together and no files were re-named. What could be the issue?

The current version is 2.0.5 - .

You can open the AUP file in TextEdit to see the name of the _data folder Audacity is looking for (“projname” in line 3).

If the folder name appears to be correct, have a look in Audacity at Help > Show Log… to see if there is more information. You can right-click or CONTROL-click over the folder > Get Info to see and change permissions on the folder.


The data folder has the correct name and there are no permission restrictions on the folder. In the Log at Audacity this was reported: Failed to load FFmpeg libraries

It can’t be stressed enough that you open your AUP file in TextEdit and see what’s there. This is a simple project of mine that I spaced out so it looks pretty.

See in the second line it calls out what it thinks is the project name. Do yours match? Don’t save anything. Just close TextEdit.


If you prefer, please attach the AUP. Please see here for how to attach files: .

The AUP could have been corrupted on the external drive or the Mac’s permissions could have become corrupted. It happens. In Finder, Go > Utilities > Disk Utility then run “Verify Disk” and “Repair Permissions”.


Your project seems to be missing the

<!DOCTYPE project PUBLIC "-//audacityproject-1.3.0//DTD//EN" "" >

in line 2.

Projname therefore should be in line 3, though the project will open if you delete line 2.


Hi Gale,
I’m not quite following what I need to look for. I did however verify permissions and am still having the same issue. I’d like to send you the AUP file to look at. I see that I can place it in dropbox but how to I share it with you?

There is no need to send the AUP file to Dropbox. Make a new post in this topic and attach the AUP file to your post using the instructions I already gave you. Please read this link to see the instructions: .

If you want to upload the AUP to Dropbox you will have to “share” it which will then show you the web address of the file. When you know the web address on Dropbox, provide the web address here.