Can't find option Chordfinder [SOLVED]

Hi Guys

I was wondering if there is an audacity version with the CHORDfinder.
Im a musician and I was using that option a lot when i was using my mac to help me get the Chord of any song

in Mac version there is that option when you open audacity Analyse you have Chordfinder
your help is very much appreciated

I have the latest audacily version 2.1.1 for windows


Audacity has never shipped a “Chordfinder”. Perhaps it was an effect that was already on your system (installed with something else). If it is on your system, Audacity may list it in “manage effects”, from where you should be able to enable it. See:

Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply it really helps
all sorted
I just needed Chordino/ chordestimate plug ins and enable them in Plug -ins manager

Once again than you and have a good day