Can't find library

I am running the latest version on Audacity 2.1.2. When I go into Edit / Preferences I don’t see the Libraries option. Is this a feature I need to add? Thanks!!!

Which version of Linux?
How did you install Audacity?

This is normal if you are using a distro-packaged version of Audacity on Debian-based systems. Such packaged versions are built with --disable-dynamic-loading as explained here:

So, MP3 export and import and export of formats that require FFmpeg should in theory “just work”.


Sorry…i left out that info…16.04. I downloaded Audacity from the Software center

I presume that you mean “Ubuntu 16.04”.

As Gale wrote, it is normal on Ubuntu to not have the “Libraries” option. Installing Audacity from the Ubuntu repository should automatically install Lame and FFmpeg (or avconv). Note that the version of FFmpeg / avconv used by Ubuntu is probably more recent than what Audacity officially supports, so we can’t guarantee how well it will work / which formats will be supported. MP3 export should work OK.