Can't find Lame_enc_dll [SOLVED]

I’m using Win 10 and downloading Audacity 2.0. When I go to “browse” to find Lame, I don’t get “Computer or My Computer”. So, I go to OS.

  1. Now go to Program Files x86
  2. Now to Audacity (not 2.0.0 as instructions say)
  3. After hitting Audacity, I get 5 items starting with " help" and ending with “plugins”. No Lame
  4. Plugins shows nothing.

I have no idea how to complete the downloading from here. Help!


Did you download LAME for Audacity from the link on [u]this page[/u]? If you run the EXE file, it should install LAME correctly for Audacity.

…If you can’t get it to work and you’re in a time-crunch, export to WAV or FLAC and then use [u]TAudioConverter[/u] or the MP3 encoder of your choice to make the MP3.


That worked. Thanks for your help.