Can't find Export Library

I’ve downloaded LAME (good name) and successfully installed it (I think) but when I try to export a song to iTunes I get an error message that says:“Can’t find Export Library”. I’ve scoured the Help Manual and have checked all the appropriate boxed and other steps but to no avail. I’ve used my Mac search and cannot find where LAME( good name) is supposed to be located. It appears that it is supposed to be in the /usr/…folder. Any ideas? Thanks

It stands for Lame Ain’t an MP3 Encoder. It’s a recursive joke. Programmers don’t get out much.

Last time I did this, I put it in Plugins under the Audacity Program Folder and then pointed to it.

Audacity > Preferences > Libraries

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 19.24.49.png

Have you followed The “libmp3lame.dylib” file should be in /usr/local/lib/audacity, but sometimes the Mac doesn’t let Audacity access that location.

You can simply put the “libmp3lame.dylib” file in the top level of the folder you are running Audacity from (that should normally be in /Applications). Then Audacity will see LAME.