Can't find EQ XML to TXT Converter to enable in Manage Plugins

macOS mojave, Audacity 2.3.3

I want to enable “EQ XML to TXT Converter” in “Manage plug-ins” but it doesn’t exists. I read that this was preloaded, but not enabled. However, I don’t see it. I want to enable it so that I can download Filter/EQ Curves. Thanks

Because it’s a new feature for the soon to be released Audacity 2.4.0 - it’s not in 2.3.3


What do I do now then to download and enable EQ Curves?

You can’t with 2.3.3 as there is no Import available in the EQ effects.

2.4.0 is scheduled for release early next week (provided we don’t find any more major bugs).

If you wish to experiment and help us test the release candidate yo can download it fom here:


Great! thanks, I’ll wait for the new release!