Can't find data folder ?

I was working on a track yesterday and saved it. I created an Mp3 to listen to a play back and all was fine.
Now today I can not access the aup or the data file. I get these message…‘Can’t find the data project folder’ and
when I click out of that message I get …‘Could not load the …aup’
I spend hours on this project and I’m in trouble. I need to present my work in a few hours…CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE…

Can you find the MP3?

Did you move or copy the files?
An Audacity AUP project contains multiple small files and the AUP is just the “master file” with “instructions” for Audacity and it doesn’t contain any audio.*

Starting with Audacity Version 3.0.0 the projects are stored as a single AUP3 file so they should be more foolproof.

But if you are recording (so you don’t have an original file) it’s still a good idea to export a back-up/safety WAV file immediately after recording whether you save a project or not.


  • Check your user-manual in the FAQ section. There is a sub-section called “Opening and saving files” that explains how the files are organized so maybe you find the files and get everything restored. (The online manual has been updated for the new AUP3 format so it won’t help if I link to it.)