Can't find CDex file

My objective is to edit a CD I have. Your manuel suggest using Windows Media Player 11. I have 12. tried to download 11 but I would have to delete 12 first. I don’t want to do that.
The manuel suggested using CDex to convert to WAV file. I downloaded CDex and converted the file to WAV. Your manuel said CDex saves the WAV to one of my Documents and Settings folders for what account you are logged into at the time. What does it mean “what account I am logged into.” I have looked every where in this computer and can’t find a folder with the WAV file. HELP !!

Did CDex ask you for a name before it exported the file? You could search Windows for that name. There is one condition where that might fail. Did you use dates or punctuation marks in the filename? Koz

CDex did not ask me for any thing. After rereading the manuel it really doesn’t say how to get the file into my computer. I can’t figure it out. I am using a Beta program so there are not any Helps available. Do you know to do it?

Support for CDex is here: