Can't find Audacity Preferences from paper manual [SOLVED]

I just installed Audacity 2.0.3 and wish to record my cassettes to my laptop. I opened the EZCAP program while the cassette player was on and connected to the headphone plug and the USB connected to my laptop. I am using Windows 7. The paper manual enclosed with the EZCAP cd (copyright 2009) directs me to click on Edit on the software panel and click on “Preferences.” The options that appear are not at all the same as the ones shown in the paper manual. Interface Host Device host says “MME” (or Windows Direct Sound), Playback Device: “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output” (or “Speakers High Definition Audio”), Recording Device: “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input”(or Microphone [High Def Aud]). The manual says to select Recording Device: “USB PnP Device.” That does not appear anywhere. There is also no checkbox for Software Playthrough also pictured in the paper manual. I am stymied and would appreciate any assistance. Bill Moran

Who knows what version the EZCAP manual was written for… And, you might want to go-ahead and download the [u]current version[/u].

See [u]this page[/u] for how to select your input device.

What pops under the Windows control panel or Audacity depends on the drivers and the way the device reports itself to Windows. Look for something with “USB” in its name.

Thank you DVDdoug! I did download the 2.1.1 version of Audacity, then followed the directions on usb_recording.html by using your recommendation to use “USB” as my guide. I’ve successfully transferred a couple of cassette songs as a trial. Regards, Bill