Can't find aliasfile

wondering could you help… Just did a interview using Audacity and saved the file into a Wav. There is no sound. I have searched for the aliasfile but have not been able to locate it. Please could someone help me retrieve this interview. Thanks

I hope you Exported As WAV and not Save. Audacity will not Save a sound file.

If you did Save As Project, then that opens up a whole can of worms. Did you try to move the show between machines?


I initially did save as project & I also have it as wav file? Any advise

Please post to the correct Forum for your operating system and version of Audacity, not in various different forums. I have deleted your other post on the same question.

If you recorded something there is no aliasfile. That’s for when you import a WAV but set Preferences to read the file directly, meaning your project then depends on the WAV staying put where it was. “Reading directly” is default, if you don’t change the Preferences.

If you exported the WAV with File > Export, use Project > Import Audio in Audacity 1.2 to import it back. Unless its a flat horizontal line, it has sound, and you need to work out why you have no playback audio. If you can’t hear it in Audacity, Edit > Preferences: Audio I/O tab in 1.2 and set the playback device to the one you have your speakers plugged into (probably the inbuilt sound device). If you have no sound when you play it in Windows Media Player or some other application, go to the system mixer and set the playback device correctly. If you are using a USB microphone this problem will happen on Windows because when you plug a USB device in it is set as the system playback device even if can’t play audio.

You can see images of the Windows system mixers here:


when I imported back in the wav into Audacity - on screen I have a horizontal line but no sound.
I am in audacity preferences and the playback devices are

Digital Output device
Speaker headphones
independent headphones
mircsoft output matter device

Which of these devices should I pick - I have inbuilt sound device on the laptop - I have tried all four and yet there is no sound

Please could you give me some advice?

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Please be clear what you have done. Did you record something then both export as a WAV and save a project? If the WAV looks like a flat line it is silence and you will hear nothing. Might you have recorded silence in the first place? If you saved a project, open the .aup project file and see what’s there. It should be listed under File > Recent Files in Audacity. “Speaker Headphones” would seem to be the correct playback device.


I recorded an interview then save as project and later as wav file.

When I now go into recent files - it responds by saying “Can’t find the data project folder”. I have import back in the wav file and there appears a horizontal blue line and timing says around 40 mins which is the interview time. I can’t find the aliasfile?

Have I lost the interview or is there something I can do about this

Help would be appreciated - thanks

When you save an Audacity project (for example called MyProject) Audacity saves a file named “MyProject.aup” and creates a folder called “MyProject_data” where it keeps all the audio. The “.aup” file is just a roadmap to your project. It appears that you have moved or deleted the “_data” folder (or moved the .aup file without moving the _data folder with it) and now Audacity can’t find it. The “.aup” file and the “_data” folder must be in the same directory (folder). If you still have the _data folder, move it so that it is in the same folder as the “.aup” file.

– Bill

DSBurke said in a PM

<<Thanks for the advice. I found the folder and restored the interview

Thanks again>>