cant find "adjustment for Win 7"

I havent been able to complete installation of Encore Model 2034 because step 13 says after “click ok.”
I finally found the manual under “Index.html” instead of in the “manual” folder. but there is no search box in the index. I read all through it, and found nothing about Win7 under installation, setup or anything else I could think of.
Where is this adjustment and what do I need to do to finish installation?
My system is Windows 7 with service pack 1.
I installed from .exe installer about 14 hours ago.

Try this page in the Audacity Wiki:

BTW it sounds like you are talking about the manual you got from your hardware manufacturer. The Audacity manual is here:

And they may not have given you the latest Audacity which is 2.0.2, you can get it from here:


  1. I checked the link you suggested and there is nothing there about installation of “adjustment for Windows 7” additional settings.
  2. the manual i am talking about is the one I accessed from the help button on the Audacity screen which has nothing to do with my hardware.
  3. I installed Audacity version 2.0.2. yesterday, which is when the .exe program installed several folders (most containing alphabet soup and icons) and two .htmls: index.html and quick help.html. When i click on the Audacity screen’s help button it opens Windows Explorer in C:/Program Files (x86)/Audacity/ from where I click on /help/ then /manual/ then one of the .html files. A very cumbersome system which, since neither .html file has search capability, still doesnt get me the help I need to find the said “adjustment for windows 7.”
    Is there such a thing? If there is, do I need it in order to complete installation? Or not? and if not, why doesn’t the current manual have an indexed item saying so?

I just read the whole Encore Instruction manual (all Audacity from page 9 on) and found “Adjustment for Windows 7” on page 62. The manual you gave the link to is the same as I found installed on my computer in my last message, just an on-line version.
I am just begining to comprehend that Encore (a USB Casssette Converter) and Audacity (the program that does the converting) are not the same thing, although the instruction manual makes them seem to be one and the same.
It is very confusing, especially since there is no way to search the index.html (Audacity Manual) for any particular term.

Clicking “About Audacity” on its help screen doesnt tell me anything but that it is “A Free Digital Audio Editor” and "Audacity is a free program written by . … " Nothing explains that it can be used with a variety of input and output devices, not just the one it came with.

Correct. Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. This is the home page for Audacity: and this is the main download page:

If you mean that the Encore USB Cassette Converter instructions give that impression, then that is naughty of them. Audacity is an independent open source project and has nothing to do with Encore.

True, but if it were only for the Encore Cassette player then it would probably say so.