Can't export .wav tracks properly lined up


Members of my Jazz Jams Club are building some shared recordings of songs since we can’t jam live due to this virus.

So I use Band In A Box to export four individual .wav backing tracks of a song for (drums, bass, piano and guitar) and send these backing tracks in a .zip file to the participants. Each participant brings these backing tracks into their DAW (sometimes Audacity), record their track and send their track back to me as a zipped .wav file.

I then drag that .wav file into Audacity along with the four individual .wav backing tracks. I have found that as each individual’s .wav file is dragged in I have to line it up with the Time-Shift-Tool against the original drums backing track count in. So that is fine (not a problem).

Unfortunately I can’t get Audacity to export this track the participant send to me out as a .wav file properly shifted (it sends out exactly the same .wav they sent me). So to work on this project over several days and not have to go through the effort of time shifting of tracks again I am forced to save the project as an Audacity project which takes a lot of disk space.

I noticed the project can be saved compressed but it said this reduces the quality. I also noticed I can export the project as individual .wav files but again these are not properly shifted to line up with the original drums backing track count in.

I am wondering if there Is a way to resolve this? If not might it be resolved in a future release?


Which Audacity do you have? I’m fuzzy remembering there was an old Audacity problem where it wouldn’t acknowledge leading silences. No matter where you shifted the track in editing, it would start in exactly the same place in the export.

Again, fuzzy memory. Create a new silent track the length of the Whole Show and export that in addition to the individual instrument.

I think this is where we wait for a senior elf. I’m out of my depth.


In Audacity 2.4.1, ensure that “Ignore blank space at the beginning” is NOT selected in the Import/Export preferences.