cant export mp3!!!!

I am finished with my show editing but it is telling me


Unable to open target file for writing.

I have already downloaded lion which was the program audacity told me was needed to export this file!!

Please help!

I have version 2.0

Try exporting the music again, but don’t put punctuation marks or dates in the filename. Today is not 3/14/02. It’s 201210314. Computers hate slashmarks in filenames. Stay away from other punctuation marks, too. See if that helps.

Version 2.0 specifically told you you needed to install Lion to export a music file?

Yeah that was the problem at first! It even took me to link download. All I want to do is save my work and export it somehow so I can make it mp3

Lion or Lame?

It probably said you need Lame (mp3 encoder).