Cant export as MP3

Hi everyone.

Very new to Audacity.
I have downloaded the lame plug in and can see the Lame_enc.dll file in the plug in folder where I saved it. After I record something and go file I only see the option export and not export as MP3 in the list ?. I don’t understand why this is not appear in the list ?. :cry: :cry:

Austin PD

MP3 is an option after you select Export.

Souldn’t you see EXPORT AS MP3 when you select file from the menue, I am only seeing export ?.


That was the case in 1.2.x

In 2.0 you do just get Export and Export Multiple - the dialog boxes then give you the opportunity to select the export type from a drop-down.


OMG some one should make a updated version on utube tutorials, beacuse all the videos I looked at the person said after downloading the plug in from lame you should then see export file as MP3 in the file menu. I thought that had to be there to save the file as MP3.

There is no mention if you have thethe lastest version 2.0 you dont see that. Very confusing, and frustrating.

Thanks very much for your help.


The problem here is that the YT tutorials are not made by Audacity folk - they are all users, and as 2.0 has only recently been released thay will have a bit of catching up to do.

We do have a set of tutorials in teh manual for 2.0 which are up to date - but thay are written and not videos - see:


OMG some one should make a updated version on utube tutorials

Everybody keeps assuming this is a corporate/user model and it’s not. We’re all volunteers including the YouTube people.

That means_You_ should be volunteering to make the new training videos for YouTube. There is no “they” and “someone.”