can't export 88 kHz audio to 44 kHz [SOLVED]

When I import a Hi Res audio file to Audacity, specifically 24 bit 88 Hz song downloaded from HD Tracks. I attempt to export it and convert it to WAV 16 bit 44 Hz. I can’t find how to convert the Hz. I can change to 16 bit but it doesn’t change the Hz to 44. Itunes in my computer will import the new WAV file and play it even though it’s still 88 Hz. But my IPOD will not except the new WAV file I think because it’s still 88 Hz. How do I get the the new WAV file to reduce to 44 Hz so my IPOD will except it.

The sampling (Project) rate window on the lower left.


Found it after i posted. Thanks

To be clear for others, you meant 44.1 kHz (44100 Hz).