can't even get USB to be recognized.

MAC os 10.75ish, using the aud 205 not dmg. Set the apple settings for usb codec and it shows sound input there. Also tried to transport rescan and double checked the midi setting. Audacity will not recognize the usb sound from turntable. Geez

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording.

What does it say there? Stereo?

Yes, rescan, or remember to start Audacity after everything is connected and working.

It’s not unusual for Audacity to be recording with the red lights flashing and the blue waves and you not be able to hear it. Those two are separate settings.


Ok so I hit the mike button and the play through came, duh. No idea about levels through. Now gotta work on an export. I’ll throw on another record.

Thanks, I’m working toward a product now. Next big hurdle is exporting to MP3 or some usable file for iTunes.

iTunes is perfectly happy with WAV (Microsoft) which is Audacity’s default Export format. Once inside iTunes, you can easily make an MP3 for your Personal Music Player.