Can't enable some plugins

Hi I noticed there are some useful built-in plugins that arent autoenabled (Low/High Pass Filter, Vocoder, Tremolo etc.) so I wanted to enable some of them. However I noticed that some appeared on the list and some didnt. I checked the manager and the ones that didnt were still there as disabled even though their status clearly changes to enabled when I press the button. I repeated several times but nothing changed. I am on Win7 3.1.3.

man i got aired big time

Windows 7 is obsolete and no longer supported. It “may” be possible to get it working, but no guarantees.

I’d suggest removing all current versions of Audacity, then get a fresh download of Audacity from here:

Find the hidden folder:


and delete that “audacity” folder.

Then reboot your computer.

The install the new version of Audacity that you have just downloaded.

alright ill try that

btw i also noticed that all the affected plugins are .ny so maybe its them that are not compatible but idk im just guessing

yeah it worked thanks
the downside is that all the downloaded plugins are marked as new and ill have to go through them again to check which are expired but ill take it