Can't enable plug-ins

Hi, I had this problem for quite some time now and I haven’t found the fix for it yet. I like the plug-in TDR Nova and TDR Kotelnikov very much and I’ve been using them for ages but for the past month, they are not working.

I saw that they are no longer on the effect list so I head to “Add/remove plug-ins” and I saw them in the" Disabled" section. I selected both of them and clicked on “Enable”, saw that they’re no longer in the “Disabled” section, then I clicked “OK”. When the window closed, I headed into the effect list to see if they’re actually there but it turns out they’ve made their way back into the “Disabled” section again.

Please help me find a way to fix this issue, I’m currently running Audacity 2.4.1 on Windows 10 64 bit, thanks a lot!