Can't Enable mod-script-pipe

Hi there!
I’m trying to Enable mod-script-pipe in Mac (Catalina) with the Audacity last version.
Going to Modules, Enable mod-script-pipe , save and Restart Audacity.
But when launch again Audacity first show an error: Non properly module. Is not posible to load the module "mod-script-pipe. Error no such file or directory
Also there’s no /tmp/audacity_script_pipe.from… file (but it is /tmp/
Can somebody help me to Enable it.
Thank you and best regards

Which version of Audacity?

Hi Steve,
I’m using Audacity 2.4.0
Thank you

Try with Audacity 2.4.1

Hi Steve!
Enabling mod-script-pipe works fine on Audacity v2.4.1.
Thank you very much!!