Can't edit. Have pressed yellow stop button many times.

I’m using Windows 8 and Audacity 2.0.3 and was able to edit last last week and many times prior to that with no problem. Now I suddenly can’t right click and can’t access the edit menu. I’ve turned my computer off and on. I’ve tried to record and edit other material. I’ve tried to edit .aup and mp3 versions. I know the common answers are to click the yellow stop button which I keep clicking many times. I’m experienced with Audacity. What am I doing wrong that I can’t see? Thanks.

If you press Spacebar Play, does the music play? Koz

Yes it does. Also I was able to delete a portion by highlighting and pressing the delete button. Thanks.

Audacity doesn’t have right-click > Edit commands in most cases.

Please describe what exactly happens if you press select some audio, press Stop then click on the top of the Edit Menu.


I thought I had right clicked before. After I click on Edit I was clicking on Labeled Audio. But now I realize I should have clicked on Edit and then on Remove Audio or Labels, and then click on Delete. Is that correct? Thanks.

Yes, or press DELETE on your keyboard.

The Labeled Audio commands are only active if you have a label track and fully select over one or more labels. If so then the command acts on the audio associated with those labels.

It’s therefore a way to delete multiple regions of audio at once. See .