Can't Edit Files

Hi everyone, I’m using Windows 8.1, my version of Audacity is 2.1.1 and I obtained the .exe installer

For some reason, I can select parts of a song I like (MP3), but I can’t cut, copy, paste or add any effects to them. I have tried shortcuts and buttons for each application, and all I can do is use “SC4” and increase/decrease the speed.

NOTE: I’ve used both ‘import’ and ‘open’, if that helps

I was wondering if it was either Windows or maybe the version of Audacity I have is buggy.

Any help would be appreciated. I couldn’t attach the file because apparently it was too big

Try pressing the Stop button rather than the Pause button - edits don’t work when you are paused rather than stopped and there is no obvious visual cue or error message to alert you as to what is going on.

There is a proposal in the Audacity Wiki for editing actions to take place when paused - see

Would you like me to add your vote for that?