Can't Drag and Drop (Audacity 2.3.3)

Hello there, I have been using Audacity for years, and recently updated to the latest version. I used it for a couple days, but now drag and drops are not functional. It just turns my cursor into the “blocked” icon. I am on Windows 7, and I am pretty sure that I could drag and drop initially after updating. I tried redownloading the latest version, but nothing changed.

Windows 7 is no longer supported, but if we can help we will.

What are you trying to drag and drop?

Thank you for the fast reply, I figured it out, apparently if you run it as administrator, you can’t drag and drop. (Had the box checked in properties)

That’s worrying. For security reasons, applications should not be run “as Administrator” except for cases where the purpose of the application is to modify the system (for example, some administrative tools). Then again, running an unsupported operating system is also a security risk. Hopefully that isn’t the computer that you use on the Internet.

For sure, I wouldn’t run this pc with an internet connection even with a vpn.