Can't download the mp3 decoder

I am trying to download the mp3 decoder via the links in the Aud export box AND from the help but it just hangs. Is there an alternative site? :frowning:

Please follow the instructions here:
I have checked the link on that page and it is working.
If your computer does not allow you to download Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe then you may need to adjust the security settings on your computer.

The links given in the official Audacity documentation are for versions of LAME that are known to work with Audacity, Versions from elsewhere may not work with Audacity.

I am trying to download the mp3 decoder

Do you really mean the software that lets you play an MP3? That’s built into Audacity. The software that lets you make an MP3, to encode one is not.


The Lame download totally messed up my computer. It added new tool bars that I don’t want, permanently switched my search engine to Bing, disabled my Norton anti-virus package, and god knows what else. When I tried to download the Lame Mp3 decoder, it required that I get the optimum downloader which is where the problems started. I tried uninstalling all the related programs but the other problems remained. I tried a System Restore to two weeks ago and it said it was successful but the antivirus program blocked all internet access on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. When I tried to uninstall the antivirus program I was unable to do it. I then undid the restore and it brought me back to where I have internet access and the antivirus appears to be working again but I am stuck with the toolbars and Bing (can’t manually reset Google to default search engine).

Has anyone else had this experience and can anyone offer fixes for these problems? Thanks a lot in advance.

LAME does none of those things - you must have downloaded something else by mistake.

To install LAME safely, please follow the instructions here: Audacity Manual

I did exactly that following the link you gave. When it said start download it required me to accept a download installer that had all this crap associated with it. Now my problem is I can’t get it off my computer. Any suggestions how to get that stuff off to return me to my original state?


The link I gave is this page: Audacity Manual
which says:

  1. Go to the download page
    which links to this page:

At the top of in big bold letters it says:
Click Here, Windows User ----> Jump straight to LAME for Windows download

which then takes you part way down the page where there is a link that says:

That is the download link for LAME.

We recommend that version of LAME because it is known to work with Audacity and is free of malware, however that page is a third party web site because Audacity is not allowed to include MP3 encoding unless it charges a license fee. That third party web site is advert supported and may include adverts for other products that are unrelated to Audacity.