Can't disable "Save Changes" popup

Audacity 2.0.2 on PowerMac G5, 10.5.8

In the preferences, I have the “Show Warnings/Prompts for->Saving projects” unchecked, yet every time I close a project, I am asked if I want to “Save changes before closing?”

(Obviously, either the preferences checkbox is not working - and hasn’t worked for a very long time - or the checkbox refers to something else… and yes, I just checked and is for the warning “you are saving an Audacity project file that only Audacity can open”.)
How can I disable the “Save changes before closing?”

(yes, I am aware that this feature is to prevent accidental data loss, but I never, ever, ever want to save projects before closing - so it is extremely inefficient for me to click “no” a thousand times)

it is extremely inefficient for me to click “no” a thousand times…

Yes, it is. It’s burned into the architecture. Sometimes you will do something that doesn’t seem to warrant Project management and it will ask you anyway. Old complaint.


It should be a very simple fix though. If it’s an old complaint, it would be nice if the Audacity developers allowed users to just turn it off. I wonder why not.

Maybe I’ll just get the source and fix it myself.

When you installed 2.0.2 did you select the option to reset audacity’s config file? If not, that might solve your problem. It sounds as though you have a problem associated with the config data.

Maybe I’ll just get the source and fix it myself.

And be sure to post back when you do. Remember this is a forum, not a help desk.

problem associated with the config data.

It’s possible, but I don’t think so. If you have a Project in any form and you don’t expressly save it, you get the message. Your Audacity would be broken if you didn’t get the message.

As Koz says, it isn’t a problem with the audacity.cfg file. The “Saving Projects” warning in Warnings Preferences is for when you choose File > Save Project.

The “Save Changes” warning is for when you have unsaved changes in a project, for example by importing an audio file then quitting. We can’t disable the “Save Changes” warning because users often delete their audio files after importing them into Audacity. They also often turn a preference on when they don’t intend to.

If your use case is importing an audio file, editing, exporting and then closing, probably we would entertain a preference to not warn in that case - you would have to have exported, then made no further changes.


Your precaution is to prevent the occasional absolute moron from losing data when he foolishly deleted his source audio, stupidly clicked on preferences he didn’t understand, and then closed without saving. I understand that preventing morons from doing utterly stupid things is a fine calling, but not at the expense of hassling regular users with annoying popups they can’t turn off.

Yes, I import audio files, edit and export. I’ve done it with thousands of files. Audacity is a wonderful program for that, but you can see how clicking “no” thousands of times can get annoying.

I have an idea… why not put a checkbox in the preferences to turn off the popup - and if a user turns it off, a popup warns the user that turning it off could result in lost data if he didn’t save (“understood” then allows users to keep it off). That should solve the problem of “users unintentionally turning it off when they didn’t intend to.”

We will send these users to you for technical support after implementing your wishes. :wink:

You could still forget you acknowledged the popup, click OK on it when you meant Cancel, or whatever.

Meantime I’ll add your vote for the “no warning if no changes after export” idea.


Yep, send those users to me. “Technical support” will include a slap across the face with a large wet trout. :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

+1 for being able to completely remove the warning.

I use audacity a lot for simple edits to lots of files and I would say this pop-up slow me down like 5-10%

Audacity is so slick this option not being there really stands out.

If you are making edits you are changing your original contents. I don’t think anyone here would consider removing the warning unless you had already exported that changed content.