Can't delete fragment


Ive got strange problem, ive pressed nunlock ON but delete key to delete fragment in my selected sound won’t work.
This olso happens not only in Audacity but in Blender program where Nunpad keys are not working at all. Is this Windows 10 64bit Fault?
When im using WIndows 7 64bit everything works perfectyly.

Audacity version ive use are 2.3.0, Using with admin rights & Windows 7 Combablity not fix this problem.
im now very frustrated because ive purchased new laptop and numpad don’t wanna work and nobody knew how fix that problem.
For some reason numpad outside programs works fine…strange.

There are hundreds of things that could be causing this:

  • Bad or wrong keyboard driver
  • Bad or wrong keyboard configuration
  • Other software interfering

Have you been through the process of setting up the correct keyboard layout? (see: How to change keyboard layout on Windows 10 | Windows Central)

What do you mean by “outside programs”?