Can't copy from "Track Name" field

Hey everyone,

I recently updated to Audacity 2.3.2 for macOS on an older machine that had been running 2.2.x, and I’m noticing that I can no longer copy the contents of the “Track Name” field in Audacity 2.3.x and later.

I used to do this all the time by clicking the black triangle to the right of “Audio Track” (see screen grab) and choosing “Name” from the pull down menu, to bring up the window that allows you to change the track name. Then I could select all, copy the contents, and then paste it elsewhere.

I have checked “Audacity > Prefs > Keyboard” and confirmed that Copy/Paste keyboard shortcuts are the ones I’m trying to use (Command C and V, respectively).

Since the 2.3.x upgrade, I CAN still paste into the track name field, but I CANNOT copy. it’s strange.

Has anyone run into this, and is there a fix? I used to use this all the time.

Thank you!

I cannot reproduce this on my Windows 10 laptop with 2.3.2 or the latest alpha test 2.3.3

I am many miles away frrom my Macbook right now - so cannot test on Mac right now.


Testing with Audacity 2.3.2 on Mojave:
If I select the name, then I can right click and select “Copy”.
The “Command + C” shortcut does not work.

It’s the shortcut I was testing with on Windows - and it worked


I’m using a mac, not Windows, so looking to confirm whether this is a bug, or something that can be fixed (again, Command + V, or paste, works fine, just can’t copy).

Steve tested on Mac above - he can get the copy to work in the context menu but not the Cmd+C shortcut - is that the same for you monkthecat ?


Yes, that’s the same — I can right click and select copy from the contextual menu.

That’s not what I’m asking, as I used to be able to use the “command C shortcut,” and no longer can.

I’m only asking here because I’d like to know whether it’s a bug or something that can be fixed.

It’s looking like a bug (a regression even) - I can’t test on Mac right now as I am a few hundred miles away from my Macbook Pro - but since you and Stve experience the same on Mac I will log this.

@Steve: what’s the score with this on Linux ?


Logged as P2 bug 2165: Shortcut for copy label text no longer works

P2 bug due to the regression - so there’s a fair chance it may get fixed for the next (2.3.3) release - fingers crossed

Thanks for the report monkthecat, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


No problem on Linux. I’ve added a note to the bug report.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the help, and for posting the bug report!

In case it helps, I just did a bit more testing, and confirmed that copying via “Command + C” WORKS in Audacity version 2.1.0 for macOS.

It does NOT work in version 2.2.2 or 2.3.2, in case that helps with specificity in the bug report.

I’ve confirmed this on macOS machines running both 10.14.5, and 10.13.6.

Thanks monk