Can't copy file to cd

I’m using windows vista and audacity 2.1.1. I have two sound files that I merged for sound effects for a play. Both of the sound effects play in windows media player and copy to a cd ok, but when merged it plays ok but won’t copy to the cd. Message says cannot open file. I have other sound effects that I have merged and they work ok, and I have checked properties on these files and compared them to the one that won’t copy and I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Any suggestions?

Are you seeing a red symbol and a “length of file cannot be determined” error when you try to burn the merged file? If so, drag the merged file into the Media Player Library or into a playlist, then from there into a burn list.

What format is the exported merged file? If it’s for an audio CD for a standalone CD player, export as WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM.


No error message other than one stated in first post. Exported file as Wav 32bit. Deleted and exported as Wav 16 bit. Didn’t make a difference.

If it is for an audio CD that you play in a standalone player, there is no point using anything other than 16-bit WAV because the file will always be burnt as that type of audio on the CD.

Did you drag the file into a play list before dragging to the burn list? Have you closed other applications that may be using the file? Do you have space on the CD to burn the file? Have you tried another CD?

Do you have enough space on the computer? Windows Media Player makes a temporary copy of the files before burning to CD.

See this troubleshooting article for more ideas.

If you cannot make it work, use another burning app for example CDBurnerXP (free).