Can't control recording level on input from Behringer UCS222 interface

Line output (analogue) from Presonus 1810c to UCS222 ADC to Audacity on MiniMac 2020 (OSX 13.4).

The signal comes into Audacity about 6 dB too hot. The recording level slider won’t move, or, if it moves, has no effect on the amplitude. Sometimes it jumps back to 0 dB. This seems to be inconsistent.
And even weirder: lowering the output of the 1810c has no effect either.
Contacted Behringer about it - they have no idea what causes this.

That’s normal. It’s the ADC that clips so you have to reduce the analog signal before it’s digitized.

The knobs on the Presonus should work, or maybe some of the inputs are controlled with the Presonus software?

Kind-of confusing - The Presonus has an ADC (and USB interface) and Google can’t find UCS222.

There is a UCA222 and it doesn’t have a recording level control so you have to adjust the analog level before feeding it in.

As with DVDdoug I am curious why you are not simply using the Presonus USB ouput.

Because it is hooked up to the other computer, from which the audio originates. Long story.

Yes; so well, you have two outputs available on the Presonus: Main and Headphones, each with their own level controls.

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