Can't control input volume

After successfully digitizing some 1500 LP records with an early version of Audacity on my old Windows XP computer, I have acquired a DEll XPS 8300 with Windows 7 Ultimate and have downloaded Audacity 2.0 to convert the rest of my collection. But, in order to get the input volume (my recording source is an ION USB turntable) almost within the recordable range, I have to turn my computer volume control and the Audacity volume control bar practically down to zero. My sound card is a Sound Blaster X-fi Extreme Audio. Can you tell me my problem and what I can do about it?

How did you connect the ION turntable to your computer? You should only have one USB connection, not RCA cables and adapters, and you should be recording from the USB Audio Device, not Mix-Out or WAV-Out. Set this in the Audacity Device Toolbar…

Or you may need to go into the Windows Control Panels and set it there.


Thanks much for the quick reply! Actually I found the solution going a dozen or so pages deeper than I had before into the Forum archive, and with the advice there discovered the well-hidden volume control at the rear bottom of the Ion TT itself.