Can't connect Bass Guitar via Behringer UM2

Hi all… newbie question…

I have a Bass Guitar connected to a Behringer UM2 interface connected to my Windows 10 PC but can’t see any signal from that via USB in to Audacity so I can monitor & record Bass… I am new to Audacity, I have created a new mono audio track… but have no idea how to select the UM2 as an input…?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Baby steps.

You have your bass connected to the INST 2, instead of your amp, right? UM2 POWER light is on? Turn up INST 2 GAIN and OUTPUT all the way. Plug headphones into the headphone socket. You may need an adapter depending on your headphones.

Can you hear yourself playing?


Thanks foe getting back to me, I don’t have a mini jack to normal jack converter so can’t plug in my headphones… if I select the direct monitor button on the front of the UM, and have the audio outputs on the back connected to my amp then I can monitor direct no problem… but I want to have the Bass signal come out of the UM2 via USB, go in to my PC… and then monitor it there… I have an Audacity DAW, but can not see what setting there to change so it monitors the bass via USB?

Any ideas ?