Can't Compile 3.25 from repo in Visual Studio

Hi All.
Here’s my problem. When I download from github - by default I get the Alpha version of Audacity (3.4). This version compiles fine via the instructions at :

audacity/ at master · audacity/audacity · GitHub

I then have tried numerous way to get source from version 3.25, (clone the branch), and when I try to compile using the instructions above I get CMake error:
CMake-Error at cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/conan.cmake:813(message):
Conan version failed blah blah…

I am trying to compile with Visual Studio 22 and dont understand why this doesn’t work…I am attempting to do it the same way as the Alpha version (same instructions from above)…

Any one know the answer to this?

The best place to get answers for questions like this is to pose them here: Audacity dev

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