can't change latency

Having latency issues. I have followed the instructions for dealing with latency issues, but nothing I do seems to have any effect. I am trying to record voice over an existing accompaniment track. I’m using headphones for the singer so that there is no bleed into the vocal track. It records fine, but of course latency is a problem. I thought it had something with a USB mic I was trying to use, but when I went back to an old mic I have used before, it still didn’t work. (I mean, the latency issue can’t seem to be resolved.) Am I missing something?

Also, does it matter if my imported accompaniment is wav or mp3?

Using Audacity 2.0 on Windows 7 machine.

There’s two latencies and you can only adjust one of them.

You can’t hear yourself by listening to the computer. Everything in your headphones will be “one computer late” and that can be up to a half-second or so. You’re stuck with that. That’s not a slider adjustment.

You can recompile Audacity to use special software. That’s one way the advanced computer experts do it, or you can stop listening to the computer.

We wrote about three ways to do perfect overdubbing – everything works exactly right all the time. This is one way.

Note the earbuds are listening to the microphone system and not the computer. The other two techniques are similar.

I’m assuming that’s the complaint. Everybody runs into the same problem.


Thank you, Koz! I think the second link is what I needed – didn’t realize that was the approach I needed to take. I’ll give that a try tomorrow when my frustration level subsides a little! Thanks again!