can't burn exported wav to CD

Hello - new Audacity user having trouble here…

1 - the blue ‘in’ on my computer looks like it has a speaker pic - that’s not a line in, is it? the mic in doesn’t work for cassette deck in, but that one doesn’t seem to work either…?

2 - went ahead and prepared a CD using Roland VS 1880, converted and wrote to CD, i think in cda; ripped it using Windows Media Player to wav; the opened it in Audacity, did some editing, then saved it as aup, exported it as wav, and exported it as mp3 (putting all of it in My Documents/My Music) - here are the two puzzles I can’t understand

  • I can’t now burn those wav versions to a CD - tried with WMA and Sonic Record - both say they’re not music media files; I can, however, burn the Audacity expored mp3 files to a CD, as wav (but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a loss less version for live performance)

  • Windows Media Player recognized the wav versions when it updated its library and added them, but it didn’t recognize the mp3 versions (though as I type this, i think that can’t be right, b/c how did I drag them from the library onto the burn list?..)

anyone out there who can help? much appreciated…


This is the branch of the forum that deals with actual forum issues, like color of the background and font type. Do you like the forum fonts?

Please repost using the forum branch for your type of machine and version of Audacity. The Mac people tend to hand around the Mac forum, for example, and you’re much more likely to get help.