Can't build Audacity on Windows11 on Arm64

I am trying to build Audacity on my Windows on Arm machine (Project Volterra and VM on Apple M2) and running into compilation issue with wxwidgets:
CMake Error at build/generators/cmakedeps_macros.cmake:67 (message):
Library ‘wxmsw31ud_xrc’ not found in package. If ‘wxmsw31ud_xrc’ is a
system library, declare it with ‘cpp_info.system_libs’ property
Call Stack (most recent call first):
build/generators/wxwidgets-Target-debug.cmake:24 (conan_package_library_targets)
build/generators/wxwidgetsTargets.cmake:26 (include)
build/generators/wxwidgets-config.cmake:16 (include)
build/find_package_include.cmake:6 (find_package)
cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/AudacityDependencies.cmake:224 (include)
CMakeLists.txt:578 (include)

I created a build folder after downloading the source and ran cmake -G Ninja -S ../ -B .. I have set the msys2 bash.exe path for Conan, so it doesn’t build it locally.(Building that is a whole different beast without GCC support). I have installed wxwidgets with VCPKG along with opus/openssl and other libraries.

Any ideas of how to overcome this?

For help compiling Audacity, try the #dev-Discord channel here:


Thank you. I am compiling 3.5.0 from master. Will check in on discord channel.

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