Can't access data files now after renaming project[SOLVED]

I have Audacity version 1.2.5 and use a Mac.
I renamed my project after saving it and closing Audacity. Now when I open it back up, Audacity can’t locate the files in the data folder. I get “error 2”.

(I know I should update to the latest version of the program, and I will, but for now I’m stuck with this problem and need to access these files.)

Thanks for your help.

You’re also stuck putting the old names back. The show name is internally burned into the programming of the AUP file. It’s not a simple filename.


Change the names of the .AUP file and the _data folder back to their original name.
If you don’t remember the original name, post the .AUP file as an attachment to your reply (see below the message compose box for adding attachments).

The correct way to change the name of an Audacity project is to open the project in Audacity, then use “File menu > Save As” and give it a new name.

Ha! I just found a way to fix the problem! On wikipedia I found an article that explained how to manage files in Audacity, and it said to open the .aup file in TextEdit or NotePad, and change the file name in the second line of text there to the new file name being used for the data folder (in other words the file name + “_data”).

It worked!