cannot truncate project

After a Time Shift and pasting on a new track at the start the time line was 2 minutes long. I only wanted the 1st 45 seconds. On each track I moved to the end and selected back to 45 seconds [selection was highlighted]. It was cut with the scissors. The timeline remained 2 minutes as well as the length of play.

What is the best way shorted the time line to 45 seconds?

I can’t quite follow that, but the total show length should stay that of the longest segment. You can select a portion of the show and Export Selected > WAV. You can also select and delete everything longer than 45 seconds.

Unless you stop it, Audacity will smash together all the active tracks into one when you simple Export.

You are warned against two common activities. Do Not Export anything as MP3 unless it’s a final for use in your personal music player. You can’t do multiple-pass production in MP3.

Also, if Audacity went to Digital Valhalla right now, would you have backups of all your valuable work? If I’m on a long show, I will save Project as a new filename several times down the production cycle. Also, I have any original sound capture sessions duplicated and locked up. Do Not use one single filename for multiple-pass editing, as tempting as it is.

“My computer crashed and the file won’t open any more. It’s the only one I have. Please help!”

Time for a reshoot.