Cannot set text for a label with id over 100

I’m writing a script that helps keep track of all the slices of audio that has been removed. The idea is to store a label with data about each deletion, so it can later be applied to a video file.

The point is that I can’t seem to be able to edit with Nyquist a label with an ID 101 or higher.

Steps to reproduce:

run this in the nyquist prompt 10 times:

(dotimes (a 10)
   (aud-do "AddLabel:") 
   (setf labels (car  (cdr (car (aud-get-info "Labels")))))
   (setf amount-of-labels (length labels))
   (aud-do-command "SetLabel" :text "some text" :label (- amount-of-labels 1))

Everything seems ok. Then run it for the 11th time. Now it show an error:

Set Label: Could not load settings below. Default settings will be used.

Text="some text" Label="101"

Not sure why the limit is set at 100. Is it configurable?

I logged this bug a couple of weeks ago:
Does that look like the same issue?

Exactly that, thanks!