Cannot send Audacity file to a friend

My friend Antonio and I are hoping to get a collaboration done and posted very soon. The problem is, he can’t get his parts to me. He has been sending the .aud project file, but doesn’t know how to send the _data… Can anyone help us out? Our goal is to get my vocals on there also and so I could edit, etc. He’s not too good with computers and is getting frustrated with me trying to explain these things…

You have to explain things louder. That always worked for me.

You are perfectly correct that you need to send both the manager aup file and the data _data folder. We tell people to zip® the work and send the zip file. Unzip at the other end.

We did have one posting not long ago where that process appeared to fail, so try it out on a tiny, multi channel show before going for the full two hour opera.

Most email has a 20MB limit. How were you going to get the show back and forth?

I personally would strongly recommend you both have precisely the same Audacity version at both ends.


We have the same versions. With the 20MB limit, he’s sending his vocals in on separate parts (verse, chorus, verse). I’m then taking those parts and adding them to the track on my end. Somehow he got a few tracks to me without the _data folder (so I believe- it only said “.aud”)… But he forgot how he did it. We have a small part left for him to send in…

And yes, I believe I was very loud!